December 5, 2010

Adopt a ~Prizzly Bear

Hey everyone (: Now I am sure you guys know that every month stardoll has a new endangered species that you can adopt and the animal shows up in your suite. Well the edangered animal for December is the...*drum roll*... PRIZZLY BEAR. Not GRIZZLY BEAR, it's a Prizzly Bear. It is too cute! So go ahead and adopt one (: They need it :*)
Like the new Part BETA? I love it! It is way better than the previous style. EXCEPT one problem: Now some party backgrounds are for superstars. That sucks! God any chance stardoll can get to charge us all their workers jump on it. A few problems are arising:
  • everything is for superstars
  • everything is extra expensive
  • the clothes are really ugly
  • all they care about is the money
Just cut it out stardoll!

Anyway::: What do you think of the new Party BETA?

1 comment:

  1. So true all stardoll cares about is money they even put the x-mas tree they gave for free last year for 60sd