December 1, 2010

Hacker Month :D xx

Haii. Haha, you might have forgotten me.. My name is Megan and I'm Fashion Writer for Belle-Stardoll.
I wanted to introduce the whole Hacker Month thing here on Belle-Stardoll. So here I go.
Hacker Month? What?
Belle-Stardoll are hosting a month dedicated to stop hacking on Stardoll. Many people are affected by this and so to raise awareness Belle-Stardoll decided to call this month Hacker month and post about stopping hackers affecting you and others all over the world.
Here's some ways to prevent being hacked/stop being hacked again.
1. NEVER give out your password, not even to friends, you never know what might happen.
2. If you are worried about getting hacked, change your password REGULARLY (eg. every two weeks/month etc)
3. DON'T fall for freebies on people presentations if it involves sending your username and password via email/msn/etc
4. To prevent being hacked again, STOP talking to the hacker, DELETE them as a friend (if you are friends), if they ask for your password, REPORT them to Stardoll and if there is any further questions about giving out your password to that person, BLOCK immediately because they could be a hacker.
Hope it helps you :D Be safe, Stop hacking.
Megannn xx

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  1. how your posts are great thankyou so much for posting heaps :)