December 4, 2010

Hacker story

Well This Is My Friends Story (I'm Going To Pretend I'm Her, So I'm Going To Say 'I' And Stuff)
One Girl I Didn't Know Came Up To Me And Asked Me If She Could Give Me A Makeover, And I Was Nervous Because She Didn't Have References. So I Said Yes, Because I Didn't Really Know What To Do With My Doll And I Thought She Would Fix It For Me. I Let Her Have An Hour, And When I Came Back, All My Things Were Gone, My Money Was Spent, And My Doll Looked Like It Just Got Out Of Bed. I Was Devastated And I Didn't Want This To Happen Again. I Went Onto The Hacker's Account And Saw She Had All Of My Furniture, And Some New Stuff Too... (I Guessed She Used Up All Of My Money To Buy New Stuff) I Couldn't Believe It. The Hackers Account Is Now Deleted And I Would Not Like To Tell You The Name Of It. Thank You.

Thats Her Story 

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