December 6, 2010

Hacker story

My Hacker Story:
Desperate for a cool/decent presentation. I turn to a so-I-thought friend, We were friends for a while and i thought i could trust her. So I gave her my password, By the time I came back to my account. Not only was my whole presnetation gone, but so was my money ! All of it, I then saw my transaction history, Turns out my "friend" spent all MY money to send herself gifts. We got into a big fight and I banned/blocked her from anyway of contacting me. Sadly, thats not the end of it. Since i was indeed of money, I got a message from a mysterious girl telling how to get 500 stardollars for free ! So I took the deal and went to the website she lead me to. The site wasn't a proxy but i looked exactly like stardoll. So i logged on and NOTHING to my account. Including my money. So I logged off and returned to stardoll the next day. Finding I can not get into my account horrified I told one of my computer master stardoll friend through my other account. She worked and worked for about a week. The finally figured out the password my hacker used. She retrieved my account and changed the password


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