December 31, 2010


Forget about this we found out the hacker and she gave us all her money back thankyou guys!
This isn't my normal posting and I hope i don't get in trouble but anyway.My litttle sisster joanne106 always wanted to be ss.I made her an ss and she had like 400sd.I gave one of my trusting friends her passs for the free narnia stuff.She then messaged me "ROSE SOMEONE HACKED JOANNE106 I DONT KNOW WHO BUT I NEVER GAVE OUT YOUR LIL SISTERS PASS!!!I SWEAR!!!"
I wen't to my email and got the account back but all the sds were spent.I neeed someone ANYONE if they could let me borrow some i will pay themm back.My lil sis is only 10 and she like is crying so if there is anyone ou there who would be genours enough please messsage/add me on boyingtonpowa thankyou!


  1. thats terrible, i have only 3sd so i can not lend atm but my sisters account may re fill sooon so i could get u some sd

  2. Forget about this eevryone we took care of it!