December 28, 2010

Royalty Holiday Dress xx

Hmm.. Not happy at all. I mean, it's a lovely dress and it's one of the nicest out of the 12 but only for Royalty! That's not good enough Stardoll. I am one of many loyal members on Stardoll and this isn't fair. Stardoll I think you'll find this is favouritism. Non-ss members get nothing and SS members get some horrible dresses and them Royalty gets something nice, why you ask? Because they pay MONEY to Stardoll. It's all about MONEY for them now isn't it. Well I've had enough of this. Stardoll don't treat their members fairly. New members are welcomed into a world of favouritism, greed and unfairness. Lucky them !!(sarcasm)
Megggggan xx

1 comment:

  1. You know, the dress is lovely. It's not that lovely that I am going to bust my (word) to get invited to become a Stardoll Royalty. Who cares about silver lining and big blue diamond around your picture and username? I didn't join stardoll to feel not worthy enough for anything. I am a non-ss member and staying that way. I'm not going to pay for my happiness.
    I believe that, instead of complaining about what stardoll should do to make them happier, people should just delete their accounts! If you don't like the new stardoll, and we all know they're not going to change because a few thousand (out of millions)members are complaining constantly, then people should QUIT! I would lead the way if I complained as much as some people. It's just a business doing what businesses do. They have to make a living too! Now that the member rate is through the roof they need more money and who else are they suppose to turn to? Their damn parents? You're having fun and their busting their (word) to make you happy. If your not that happy, go find another site!

    I am just so sick of people sitting in their (word) and complaining. Quit the God damn site! It's just pixels. It's not real, your not accomplishing anything worth while on it. A pixel trophy is what people spend real money on? I also don't want to hear about the crap like: "Real people are behind the pixels with real feelings!". You're freaking addicted to the site and that's that the Stardoll BUSINESS squeezes out of girls and boys like ourselves.