December 5, 2010

Lost IdentiTEE

Hiya! Its me here, Rebecca, on the case of lost IdentiTEE.
     IdentiTEE went missing, along with Mortal Kiss, and LE, with all things being sold out. The cheap Mortal Kiss and IdentiTEE were 2 very good shops, that we will miss. Unfortunately, the sale things have only gone. Wouldn't it have been better if the whole shop went on Mortal Kiss? And won't Stardoll remove IdentiTEE from out sights so we don't have to grieve?
     RebeccaWestHam, Signing out :)


  1. Yeah, why is Stardoll getting rid of all the clothes? The Miss Stardoll World store disappeared for me too. It makes me sad, they were having a sale.

  2. I know stardoll is weird atm