December 14, 2010

Makeup Contest

Ok so this week I decided to hold a makeup contest you have to try to get your medolls makeup to look like this image what you do is go to the shop and put the makeup on your doll there then print screen it and upload it to Tinypic and all done The contest is held from the 14th - 20th and the prise is 8sd to spend on a new makeup iteam love to see your entrys xx 

this is the image you will be using >>>


  1. My name is Princesspea105, here's my entry:
    It was kind of hard, but I tried my best! (:

  2. I think the look is difficult to achieve because there's a limit as to how much eye makeup you can use and this exceeds that limit. The look is also hard. A simpler look with only 2 or (maximum) 3 colors would be way easier and less intimidating.

  3. yea it is a bit hard but it is good to have a chanlenge you just really need the black and pink