December 22, 2010

Party Planner award

Once there was CG, Album winner, etc. Now there's Part Planner winner. Okay I honestly like the idea. The prizes are great. HOLD ON! You can win starpoints?! Ohmigosh, that's so unfair. All those people who bust their butts all day long to get 12 starpoints a day (like myself) and some newb can win them? Doing what? Planning a party that now cost money to make. 5sd to be exact. That's how much it costs now to host a party. Don't get me wrong I love the idea I think it's great but then again, it is just another money scam. How is that? Think about it: You have to pay to win this award which a lot of people will want to win. They'll make dozens of parties spending 5sd per party. You run out of sd and you BUY more stardollars. Who wins in the long run? Stardoll. Cause your winning this award made of pixels but they are getting your real life cash. Seriously. You just can't trust stardoll anymore. Whose got an empty pocket? You! Stardoll is getting money all over the world in every currency you can think of. Don't waste your time trying to get this achievement that means nothing.


  1. When you think about it, everything stardoll does is to generate more money- this IS a business. I mean think about it LE? I mean clothes with only a limited selection for 100's sometimes... having ppl going to trying to buy lots of em. who wins in the end? Stardoll. Everything stardoll does is for money lol. ITS a business. If u ss, then youve probably been conned out of ur money already. We are all subjects, using our real money for virtual pleasure. This doesn't surprise me at all. and I do spend real money on stardoll, its stupid but i guess fun can't have a price right? I know for one, I am definitely going to host more parties x)

  2. Of cource it's a business! No one would just sit and create a game like this, having emploees to work and facilities...all these cost! Plus the only purpose of is to make money of it! It's not a charity!
    -And one more thing...not all of the party rooms cost..there are 2 of them for free, though I don't know if those count for the contest.
    Anyway, I am not interested about winning any of those daily contests cause I don't think it's worth to spend so much time and money just for getting a simple trophie, 25sd(max) and visitors to ''admire'' you for one day!