December 19, 2010

This seasons makeup do's ;

Here's my first edition as makeup writer for BS;
Here goes (: Enjoy !

Okay, so this seasons hot is bright coloured makeup !
The cutest way to do this is black eyeshadow on the outside halves of the eyes,
and bright coloured makeup on the inside halves.
In the model doll that I did for this edition,
a really cute touch was to add long black bottom lashes, as it ties this look together.
Tip; Accessories with the same colour as you chose with your makeup!
The only things you need for this look are-
*black eyeshadow
*any bright eyeshadow (blue, green, pink, etc)
*an accessory to match the eyeshadow
* & as an optional extra Luxe lipgloss
Thanks to our model, faux.fuchsia

1 comment:

  1. thats amazing i love it i might use it when i edit my doll :)