December 21, 2010

top designers...

hehe...this is the 500th post..CONGRATULATIONS..belle-stardoll

todays top design is a spongebob inspired bag designed by ginaarce.
personally i dont really like this design. as it has the sam facial experssions of spongebob to me it doesnt really look like him..AGREE??
ginaarce is a non-ss
 but knows the secrets to designing as many people do..but many people dont :)
if ginaarce was superstar and kept practicing with her designs she could become a famous stardollian. just like mant__* or blunotte.
and so could anyone as long as you try and are your self and are definatly will not win if you copy someone else :)

number 1 on the most popular designers list is chloki
as i dont really follow designing i have no idea who chloki is..but here is a close up of her:
chloki is a shared account of 2 girls..who's stardoll accounts are:
misschloe1818 and hellokitttyluva

chloki has had many achievements and are pretty much  pro's in the designing wonder they are number 1 in MPD (most popular designers)

any comments??
any questions??

whiteicefairy :)


  1. To be honest I'm tire of these newbs designing things that everyone else does just to get the award. Everybody does spongebob, mickey mouse, tinkerbell, and that playboy bunny. Some of the top designers suck like almag7607. Her designs are horrible and even I can do them and I suck at designing myself. Well I don't completely suck but I'm not as good as keira-v and so on. Which brings me to my other question: Why the heck isn't keira-v up there? She is better than most of those wanna-be designers. Why isn't Mant__* up there? Don't even get me started on how talented she is. Half of them aren't designers. Their designers in TRAINING at the most.

  2. i recon mant__* and keira-v are the most talented and maybe they dont design as much anymore they are the ones who should be on top they are original and amazing designers we need to get them to win it back over... xxx

  3. misschloe181812/27/10, 11:07 AM

    WoW I never knew we were on a blog LOL thanks :D I am misschloe1818