December 21, 2010

whiteicefairy-new writer


hello everyone i am Whiteicefairy and i am the new DESIGNER WRITER. I hope you are looking forward to my posts.

A bit about me...
name: Isabella
age: 13
extra: i have been on stardoll since about 2008...on which was deleted sadly :'( but now i am whiteicefairy..
i have written for belle-stardoll before when it was only just starting but then i quit as i didnt have enough time to write..but now as it is holidays i have plenty of sorry to say but when the Aussie holidays are over i will have to quit again as i am going to boarding school and again have no sure this awesome blog will be a great experience for my stardoll years to come...

good luck everyone
and i am looking forward to writing again.

Any comments??
Any questions??



  1. I didn't even realize you left. Welcome back! I remember back in those days too. We sure could have used you when the times got rough. But your back now and that's all that matters (:

  2. You were that hacker :O