January 27, 2011

:( bye bye please read!!! xx

hi everyone...

(if you could...could you please read to the very end and comment please much appreciated) xx

this is whiteicefairy i am so sorry i will probably regret what im about to say but i am going to leave belle-stardoll i am kinda also leaving sd but nins353 (abby) is going to look after my account...im sorry that i only posted once or twice but i am and was soooo busy as you cant really see but at the moment i am getting ready to start boarding school in a couple of days and i am very busy with clothing and EVERYTHING if i can i will deffs come on stardoll every now and again just to see whats going on...

i dont know if anyone actually liked me but i knew a couple of writers were goning to support me and did the whole way thanks to yeschas and nins353 oh and lollymollygoo xxx loveyouu all


for the last time :(

please comment if you liked me i want to see what people say

ps..sorry no banner...i got a new computer and never uploaded it :(

i will miss everyone thanks for your support xxx :) goodluck for the future everyone xxxxx

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