January 5, 2011

Hottest design

sorry no banner today on a different compter :I

sorry i havent been posting... as i am going away to boarding school soon i am very busy and i dont have much time on my hands...thanks for understanding :)

todays hottest design is an old one from blunotte...
the pink minny mouse dress

personally i dislike this design many things are i dont know...wonky...sorry to say...it is an old one but im sick of it people should be creative and design their own animals or signs or anything...but then again blunotte's style i dont particully like...

do you agree??
any comments??



  1. Yeahh actually I do agree withh youu. It's copying disney designs and I just think people only like it because blunotte's name is on it, if it was an unknown designer people probably wouldn't like it so much. I also think Stardoll should make a competition for interior designers because they are exactly the same. xx

  2. I think this design sucks. Everyone does Disney designs and I'm tired of seeing them. I think she is doesn't deserve to be on the Top Designers list because she doesn't design like a pro. She's on there instead of Mant__* and keira-v? That's just ridiculous!

  3. I though Mant_* delted her account ?