January 3, 2011

omg thankyou everyone for voting me 5/5

You guys rock i thought this day would acually never but hey look it did i would like to thankyou everyone who voted me national cover i really really appreciate it this time it was my 5th time running and i am glad to finally win something, when i saw that i won covergirl I acually texted everyone one on my phone and then fell of my chair and screamed lol omg i had no interent in the morning so I had to spend one hour fixing it wow lol and then when stardoll showed up i showed everyone in my house that i won lol omg thankyou so much for voting me out of like 80 million members I feel special
here are some images :)

btw i am not a boy i says i am it is stuffed I am also not 25 = /


  1. Well, we couldnt resist u deserve it well done