January 3, 2011

Please Read. Not My Usual Post...

Hi, this is not my usual post but I am concentrating on getting Album Winner. I would love to log onto Stardoll and seeing the gold book trophy sitting in my suite. Seeing that my album is best in all Stardoll. Well, for the time. So for me to recieve the golden trophy, I need the most votes in all Stardoll on my album. Since I am Superstar, I get 100 pages in my album. Sometimes, I may not be Superstar, but while I am, I wish you would just have a look. I am currently working on it, but personally, I think I've done a fabulous job! It's kind of like a magazine... Weekly Covergirl, Latest Clubs, Best Dressed, Tips, Makeovers, Designs, Advertisement, Fashion and MORE! I will soon be among the thousands of non-superstars on Stardoll, but while I'm still with the other Superstars, please go to my suite and click on my album. Much appreciated if you comment on the pro's and cons along with what you rated me (if you did...). Also, with weekly covergirl, I will soon be choosing who should be the first weekly covergirl of 2011... Just comment on my Guestbook if you would like to be Covergirl and if I pick you, I will add you. I have to add you because I have to interview you and I will send you the questions. I hope you take a loook :) Purplesoda29 (your nw doll writer!)THANKYOU!

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