January 6, 2011

Some Archive Fashions & etc xx

Hehe. Youu know me, I get bored well easily so I thought I'd post. It's just something I made up yesterdayy but I cba to post it and tbqh now I havee I have a lot more time to dream up my next Fashion postt :L
I knoww the arial font iss soo old and lamee (lool) but it's kindaa cool i supposee.
Haha. I'm a bit of a gossip tbh. Not good :L but I havee too sharee it withh youu.
Anywayy our very own lollymollygoo (Abbey, blog owner) won NCG for Australia YAY! Well donee girlliee you deserved itt :)
And SedonaJ -- thatt amazingg girliee who's only 13 :D and who also designs clothes from interior stuff -- Gb's me! Of all people she could GB it was me !!! I was like OMG I am a massive fan of her and I was pmsl it was soo great. OG couldn't believe it and yeahh I'm sad soo dontt diss yeahh. Loool.
Still lovingg youu
Megggggan xx

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