February 19, 2011

Another Non SS Outfit!

I currently can't post pictures of the outfit but I will be able to sooner or later.

The grand total of this outfit costs around about 22 sd, depending on the variations. 

Go to search and choose white and tops. On page 2-3 (I think?) there should be a Mortal Kiss Ermine Peacock Shrug for 7 SD, Non SS.
Next, find a white top, I prefer to use Bisou's for 5 SD or BASICS for 3 SD. That goes under your shrug.
I'd get a black skirt to go with it so I searched up Black Skirts and I picked out the OTTO Ruffled skirt for 1O SD. Of course, you can always choose a different skirt.
And last but not least, the shoes. I prefer plain shoes, like Basic's 2 SD white shoes, but with some decoration. I add 2 Vintage rose pins from Decades to the ankle near the shoes so that it looks more classy!!!
And now you're done! (Sorry I coundn't put up a pic, but I'll do it later)
xxx, Libby

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