February 17, 2011

Been ill :(

Soorry I haven't been posting, I've been ill and I wasn't allowed on the computer. Anyways I have a little post now as I feel better.
Top Tips:
1. Don't be afraid to be you and show off your personality in your outfits/make-up.
2. Don't follow other peoples trends, make your own and maybe it will catch on..!
3. It's ok to take ideas from others to make your own style.
4. Don't let anyone tell you your style is stupid because maybe they don't understand it or are jealous of it.
5. Be unique. Simple as that. Copying celebs may make you look cool but at the end of the day you'll be outdated as soon as everyone does the same.
Thankiees xx


  1. Soorry it's a bit short but I have been really tired and ill and feeling horrible this week xx

  2. This is a great post!
    BTW Get better soon! :)

  3. Awww...get well soon! & thnx for the tips. xx

  4. n'awhh thankk youu girliees :) xx