February 19, 2011

Best Designers

Heyy Guyss,

Soo i thought I mite do a post on some of the best designers on stardoll. Personally I think the best designers on stardoll are Mant__*  and   RAMZESIK205

these are just some of   RAMZESIK205 designs

xxx Alana


  1. Those two are extremely talented but so are others. It's a group of designers who should be on the most popular designers but instead of them it's some new designers that nobody has ever heard of until 2011. They're uselessly taking up space in a place you just don't belong.

  2. There's a girl called Ruth-Sechmet and she designs interior and I think she should be recognised because she is amazing at interior design but all the clothes designers get recognised because there is no best Interior Design list which personally I think there should be one xx

  3. visit my starbazzar (diamondnikos) and express your view about it:)

  4. TheOnlyDiva7/22/11, 6:29 PM

    I just started stardesigning 2 days ago (became ss 2 days ago).
    I have 1 t-shirt for sale (32 stardollars) and a dress (25 stardollars).
    Please visit my starbazaar I am broke need money... My name is TheOnlyDiva. And if you don't like my designs please give some tips in my guestbook.
    Kisses from

  5. I visited them and bought a lovely white, blue and black cheetah V shaped top. I also believe that MissMackenzie07 and Missangelcakes7 design fantastic Glee interior and clothing.

  6. That girls amazing!:Oxx you should check out ErinluffsKatexx she tell great top and things for really low prises she even does star coins.

  7. Mingmingduk is also a talented designer. She's new but she's really good xx