February 23, 2011

Bisou to PIP

Hayy x
Okaii so just to let you know, I will post twice a week - 1 post on Saturday and 1 on Wednesday.


Remember the Bisou boom, as some called it? Remember how it was REALLY popular? Yes?
Well it seems that it has died down and now the focus is mostly on Pretty In Pink (PIP).
PIP has released alot of pink clothes recently and alot of girls and boys like pink so it's a popular thing. However Bisou has stayed in a little too safe and released clothes in beige, pastel green and blue, nude and browns but unfortunately that colour ship has sailed and now it's all about pinks and nude colours.
Of course, PIP has pink in the name so it's obiously going to sell pink fashion to people but what about Bisou?
Bisou doesn't seem to have a colour scheme but alot of it is earth colours like brown, green and beige. It was fashonable when it first showed us that it could have a range of garments and colours involved with it and yes it still has but it's slowing down with the whole fashion of today as hardly any of the shops have a fashion stripe piece or a good load of cute shoes.
I think because Bisou was quite unpopular and they just added hot new garments to the shop to get sales. It only became popular because of a few amazing garments that just looked so good.

Today, I still think I prefer Bisou because it's my sort of shop and I find it classy, sleek and wild. I am not much of a pink person so PIP doesn't really appeal to me much which is a shame because I think some of their garments are really cute.
What do you think?
Megan x


  1. I think you need to choose a different colour for your writing, because it's really hard to read(: