February 18, 2011

Classic Outfits - Non SS!

Hey everybody! Today, I'm going to show you how you can make this Modern Classic outfit for 48 SD. It's Non SS and you will need"

-A lot of patience
-Play and earn money
- A Confirmed Email Address
-And you will have to be a follower of this blog. (Ok, not really but I'd appreciate it if you'd follow.)

This picture has all the details. c:

If you can't see the text for some strange reason, then this is what is says:
Items Used:
17x Vintage Rose Pin
Basics White Tube Top
Bisou Pendant Necklace
VOILE Black and White Bag
OTTO Wedding Shoes (Search White and Shoes)

Total Cost: 48 SD
Of course, you can always change a few things. =]

I just put a little makeup to make my doll pretty. =]

There are a few alternative though...

The 2nd Most Inexpensive Method:

All you need is 3 Basics White Skirts (Layered on top of each other), A Basics White Tube top ,1 pair of Basics White Ballet Flats and a Pendant Necklace from Bisou.
Total Cost: 20 SD.
Here's what it would look like with another colour.

I think I like the white one better personally. ;D

Now, last but not least, the most inexpensive and easiest method of this! Although, I must admit that it doesnt look as stunning as the other two...

The total cost of it is 10 SD. Not the most stunning, but at least the most inexpensive.

And we're done! Please tell me what you think of this look!!!
xxx Libby

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