February 19, 2011

Cool Lovin' and Frost Fashion

Hayy. Welcome to my Saturday fashion post. Today, I am talking to you about Cool Lovin' and Frost Fashion. Anything you have to say about these to fashions - thoughts, bought any? etc - post your comment :)

Firstly, Cool Lovin'. I think it's a very cutesy collection as it is for Valentine's day with florals, cut-outs and warm colours. I love the beige side cut out dress with the zip front very much as it is a really good fashion piece and it's in trend and a gorgeous outfit to wear. Much of it is based on flowers and the colours red or pink. It's not really my thing though and as a whole collection I rate it 7/10. Although, I am disappointed that Stardoll have put out some items that Superstar got for free up in Starplaza for 8sd etc.
Next, Frost Fashion. I prefer this than the Cool Lovin' collection as it is very pastelly and floaty and light. I love the colour choices and alot of the pieces especially the "bonjour!" top and the beige trousers. It's perfect for winter and I rate it 9/10. The prices are all quite reasonable and it's sort of based upon lace and ruffles but at the same time a practical winter wear - jeans, jackets etc and it's amazing! It's all just a really well made collection and it's the best I've seen yet for 2011.

What do you think?
Megan xx

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  1. I love the valentines one the best xD but they are both really good