February 19, 2011


Heyy guyss,
I was just checckkiingg Hottest Design,
And i found a new designer, well i found a person who designed  this top. I lovee it itss just like Hello Kitty . Wadyaa think?

Alsoo there aree somee topps thaatt i lovee
 - I love glee
- I know this is very simplee but itss nicee and you could dress it up or down

- Niccee
- Diisneeyy , verrryy sparrkllyy andd purple :p
- Sailorr look
Waatt do youu thiinkk aboutt theemm?
xxx Alanaaa


  1. I love the glee one it is amazing

  2. My favourites are the glee & the pink hair girl!

  3. Yahh I like the Sailoor and the Glee onee

  4. Did you honestly just say that thing looks just like Hello Kitty? That thing is a poor excuse for a Hello Kitty design.

  5. ^^ there's a thing on yuotube that helps you design a hello kitty and it looks exactly like that - people copy xx