February 13, 2011

Fashion Picks

Well I guess I am doing the daily fashion picks now, so enjoy we needed more fashion on this blog reading all the survey results so yeah also we are looking for some more writers so please tell me if your interested anyway...

So today's superstar fashion pick is the rule waist skirt from the pretty in pink heart shop I am in love with this skirt it matches everything I also made an outfit to go with it, it is on the left and the skirt is on the right and guess what this skirt only costs 8sd which is quite good because everything on stardoll is getting quite expensive, the whole outfit only costs 31sd.   

Also today's Non-superstar fashion pick is the tied silk scarf from pretty and pink this scarf is great it makes you outfit seem more chick and trendy and it is non superstar which surprised me because this scarf look like it it superstar and it is only 4sd which is really low I love scarfs they are great for everything and they look great the outfit to go with the scarf is on the left it is all non superstar items and only costs 21sd so you just have to do play and earn 4-5 times to earn this outfit cool, anyway thankyou for reading I would appreciate it if you could comment xx Abbey 


  1. Cool I think that I'll do that right now!! lol

  2. love it XD