February 27, 2011

Getting nude...

Hayy bloggers!
I'm back and soorry I didn't post yesterday but I wasn't at home but I have all the post sorted now.

Okaii so today on Stardoll I noticed alot of nude craze. Nude the colour of course for any of you wondering. It's a really beautiful colour but by the time Stardoll realises this sort of thing they have already moved on to another fashion trend, luckily this time they haven't and they have stuck with realising more nude garment.. soo pleased ;] There is a lot of nude dresses out and it's definitely a coming style.

And it's amazing for wearing it with casual or classy and anything in between and I love it ;] Especially when there is a lot of choice on Stardoll these days - tops, purses, fringe dresses, trousers and all sorts of pieces that look perfect on nude .. what a dream come true!
It's full of glamour and style and all I'm saying is don't miss out on this because you'll regret it. I'd say it can match with any colour but I do recommed black, white, brown or with a little embellishment and also it's a great combination with almost anything ;]
Don't miss out!

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Megan x