February 25, 2011

Good Bye Everyone!

Hi everyone, I hope everything is going alright for you at the moment. I hope you are all thinking about the 100+ people who have unfortunately died in Christchurch this week because of a terrible 6.3 magnitude earthquake. New Zealand will never be the same again.

I am writing this post to tell you that I am leaving the blog. This is because I have other exciting projects coming up! Including writing for another blog full-time and creating an album magazine, plus going on with my modelling competition, ENTSM (Emma's Next Top Super Model).

I hope everyone understands that I will be quite busy over the next few months with these projects, so for now I am going to have to stop writing make-up tutorials for the blog.

I hope you won't miss me too much! If you have liked my make-up tutorials in the past, you can ask for a makeover (password or no password) in my guestbook. My username is 3mmag9.

I have enjoyed doing make-up tutorials for the blog. This isn't the last of me!