February 9, 2011

I was a National CG . (Read)

Hey , I'm not sure if I can post this but I just can't believe I won National CoverGirl , It was my biggest dream before , well , it starts with a little dream. I was like I wanna be a national covergirl but few months later I wasn't , so I let my dream go.. Few months , later.. HUH? I WON ! xDDD. Lololololol ! I just saw the Trophy on my suite near my closet then I was like huh ? So , I went to spotlight and yet , saw my name ! It was incredible to have a dream come true ! So , I wanna thank God , the girls and boys who voted me and make my wish come truee ! Thank you very much ! I love you all !

[P.S , never stop dreaming , dream a little dream. Follow your heart! Oh and please follow Belle Stardoll and keep visiting for the new updates (:] + Congrats to the every girl who won national CG before and now.

Happy Valentines day !

Yours , DemiRockz56 (:


  1. Thanks Lollymollygoo ! (: Your the best (:

  2. Congratulatios!!! Happy for you!!! :) I won it today...haha..2nd time. xx