February 12, 2011

I'm backk! xx

Haiiyaa! It's mee, momijigal911 and I'm heree again - and to stay! My exams aren't coming as fast as I thought so I felt like I needed to come back and havee somee fun again rather than BORIING revising. Offc it's really important but oh well :)
I'm writing about fashion forwards - basically trends that you need to look out for.
But first, I have had a little problem on Stardoll recently. It's about a girl pretending to be me and my friend BellaCullen4210 (with a zero "0" on the end)
See the thing is this girl is lying, swearing and being horrible to other members - these are against Stardoll rules. The doll's she made are called BellaCullen421O (with a capital "O" on the end) and momjijgal911. I have proof of her swearing, if you go to my blog you'll see the tinypic addresses you need to go to.
Lovee youu all,
Megggggan xx (momijigal911)


  1. Yay my first post and im 4th on the commentators! xx

  2. haha ^^ thankss anomymous person - and ohh yeahh :) xx