February 2, 2011

Late Hotbuys for Jan *

Hey , Guys ! (: I'm soooo sorry that I didn't write the past hotbuys of Jan because I got grounded starting of my vacation. Why ? I'll tell you why , it's because I was on facebook and I was sending messages to my friends that it's going to be my vacation then dad saw me . (he always checks us if we're sleeping already) :P then he caught me . So , I was grounded that time was 12:00 P.M. So , I couldn't use the computer one month... that month was Jan. ): Anyways , I'm back on Computer ! Baby ! (:

Jan Hotbuys :
click to enlarge the picture.

+ The hotbuys Earrings for Jan (:

Real Life :

Thanks to Hotbuys Addicted for the real pictures ! (: