February 6, 2011

Miss Belle Stardoll

Its back agian and better then ever "Miss belle stardoll" will you make it to the top 12 finalists, Or even win and be on the banner, There will be 2-4 rounds Of many event and contests

- You must have 500sp to Enter (So we know you are not on a fake account also for prise giving)
- Please no getting upset if you do not make it to the top 12
- You must be a follower (I will be checking)
- Print screen your favourite outfit and please upload it to tinypic and post in the comments
- Write in the comments Your stardoll user why you are entering and your tinypic of your outfit

1st Place - LE Panel Jeans, LE Runway gloves And LE Purple Mask
2nd - LE Opera Gloves
(Prise Images)

Love to see you all enter xx Abbey & the Belle Stardoll Team


  1. I'd like to enter (: (: My username is 3mmag9


  2. Name: Miki1811
    Outfit: http://i54.tinypic.com/33velpz.png

    I would like to enter as it would be an opportunity of a lifetime! Belle stardoll is one of my favourite blogs and I constantly check it for stardoll info, free items and just to see how the community is going! I would also love to enter to show others that you should just be yourself and travel to new, higher and better levels. Thanks!! :D

  3. Tinypic :http://i51.tinypic.com/15fnfhy.jpg
    (It's from my album. I'm there a month ago... so proof it's me : http://i56.tinypic.com/30woxvm.jpg)
    Username : botsy_pink

    I am entering in this comp because is about stardoll. That means I will meet new people and I will make my style better. I think these competitions are a great oportunity to make your medoll seen.

  4. I will give my entry soon! :D

  5. I will also give my entry soon :)

  6. Stardoll User- prima.princess
    My entry- http://i54.tinypic.com/2s66kc9.jpg
    (Its from my album, I am wearing it also)

    I would like to be Miss Belle Stardoll because I love this blog & I am very active. I always keep checking it back for interesting posts, innovative ideas, special tutorials & articles. Its always fun to participate in competition & interact with users all around the world, connected by such blogs.

    Thank you.
    Nidhi ♥

  7. oi51.tinypic.com/2ql8tq1.jpg

    My username is Ezzaiskool

    Why I'm entering?
    One of my new years resolutions was to be active in all aspects of my life. And it just so happens that stardoll and blogging is a part of my life. I've become more active in the blogging side of this virtual world, so I thought, 'why not enter this competition?' I'm a regular reader of this blog, and enjoy it's originality. This competition is an opportunity to learn new things and have fun while doing it. By the way, the is only ONE of my many favourite outfits, it was very hard to choose just one. But I hope you like it.

  8. outfit: tinypic.com/r/9jgo5e/7
    Name: vampireblobfish
    Why im entering:
    Because i would love nothing more than winning a compitition for my sence of fashion. if i have one. Aha

  9. http://i52.tinypic.com/2uho7eb.jpg
    I love this outfit. It's so rare (Dkny) and took me months to find the cardigan. Its so winter warm and I wish I could wear in real life. It's an outfit that matches my personality. If the judges don't love it I do. Thanks so much! XOXO
    -0rebecki (stardoll user)

  10. Forgot to say why I'm entering
    This blog is amazing. I check it constantly and even saved ad bookmark. I love stardoll logs even better than stardoll itself. I am amazes by how the blog writers make everything so do cool! I would be a perfect choice for Miss belle-stardoll XOXO Thanks!

  11. Picture: http://i56.tinypic.com/24lj19s.jpg
    Medoll: supa_star4real
    Why: Why am i entering? I am entering because I love entering blog competitions in general. I like to see peoples insight on me (my medoll)and see how far I can make it somewhere. But I also like sharing my creativity through different styles. To show my boldness & fierce daring through stardoll. I also just pretty much like this blog. It's nice and hopefully mine will reach your level someday (: I'd like to add that I love this dress because its gold&sparkly. And the shoes are 'print', pink & chic.

  12. I AM JOIN TO THIS CONTEST!!!!!!!!!

  13. Here is my entry!

    I really want to enter because I am never the winner on any comps and I would like to show people that I love fashion and I am creative!I chose this outfit because I think it's really fashionable although it was a challenge for me to choose one among all the outfits I have made so far.

    Nena xoxo

  14. Username; beasyouare35
    Outfit; http://tinypic.com/r/t7lkhw/7

    I am entering because I think I have the style and 'pinashe' that it takes to make it to the top. I never disappoint, and I always give my all into everything that I do. I was mixing around many clothes together, it took me quite a while that I felt like seemed just right. Thank you for viewing my entry!(: With due respect, Jackie. x,

  15. Name: Momijigal911
    Outfit: http://i51.tinypic.com/2hqqtye.jpg
    Why are you entering?
    I am entering because I always wanted to be part of this, even when the blog wasn't so popular and I tried my best last time but unfortunately there wasn't enough people so sadly I couldn't join in with it. I think I deserve a place, I pushed the Miss Belle Stardoll idea back to the blog and I have been an active follower since I found the blog a while back. The outfit I am wearing is casual but it is me and in my opinion not to dressy but not too plain and that's why I chose it. I think style comes from within and you should embrace it. Fashion makes you belong to something and by creating your own you become original and unique and I think that explains my passion for fashion. I have always been influenced buy Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Henru Holland. I always think about the future fashion forward and I have made my mark on fashion today. Fashion is a belief and it's the individual that completes it.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Megan xx

  16. user name:poupengintha
    Why am i entering?
    I am entering because I want to win something for once.I have never won Covergirl or any contests on Stardoll.I also think that I tried my best on decorating my suite and medoll.The outfit I am wearing in the link above was 2 weeks ago when me and my friends went partying.I really hope you pick me.It's my dream[besides Covergirl]
    Thanks You for Your Time.
    XoXo Vanessa

  17. Name:Purplepoppy24

    My favourite outfit: http://i56.tinypic.com/209lh82.jpg

    Why am I entering?
    I am entering this competition because I have never won anything like this before and I think it would be a great opportunity, I am also quite an active memeber, I always like to come and check out the latest stardoll news etc. The outfit I have entered I have choosen is a full hotbuys outfit! I love it because it is cute and pretty!I have matched up different shades of pink and added some nice accesories! Also I would just like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity and please consider my entry..to win this competition would mean the world to me♥ Thank you for your time..

    -purplepoppy24 xo

  18. ♥ Name : Lovenouritto / Nour (In real life) ♥
    ♥ My favorite oufit : http://stardollfreaksforever.blogspot.com/
    ♥ Why am I entering ? ♥
    I never won a competition before .. I always come up as finalist.. I'd really like to show my fashion talent to everyone and win this competition. It's very important to me cause fashion is my life and I really want to get everyone have a style with no copying.
    Most of the stardoll users haven't got a real style. They only wear what people like , not what they like.
    I like fashion in my OWN way , and won't change my style for anyone ;D
    Thank you for taking time and reading this , good luck for others too ♥♥

    PS: Sorry I dunno how to use Tinypic so I putted the picture on my blog , it's the last post . ;)


  19. stardoll name: starhellassf
    My favourite outfit(it is from my album): http://www.sdcdn.com/dressups/267/637/267637026.png

    I want to winbecause i want to win something at stardoll.I want to do it for me.It is veeery important for me.

    thankies!good luck to anyone!!:D

  20. cait_cass_bff2/13/11, 5:14 PM


    My Favorite Outfit.

    Why am I entering you may ask?
    Reasons Why;
    1.I would Love to win LE.
    2.I Know it was helping you by following you so I did that also.
    3. I want to Try because if you never try you never achieve so Why not try.

    Thank you for listening
    Good Luck Everyone who entered.

  21. http://i56.tinypic.com/1060pw0.jpg
    That's me, I'm mrs_paparazza on Stardoll.

    I do want to win, cause I'm not the one who is spoiled with awards or victories. I have never been National Covergirl (I guess, I deserve it), haven't won as a designer or on catwalk (byt I really tried). I took part in some contest and quises (official or not), but I couldn't reach the top, I did not win! So I absolutely want to win, or I will think, that I'm a total looser:( Moreover, I want to show you and the world my own unique style (to tell again, I tried to win on the catwalk to show it everybody, but I failed).

  22. Okay my stardoll name is Bestellabella11 and this is my Tinypic.....


    My style is very chic and modern I hope to be in the top 12!!

  23. entry :tinyurl.com/6e28ggq
    Stardoll Name: FashionistaT
    I would like to win because I never won something like NCG or Civergirl, Not even catwalk or so. I know everyone wants to win and everyine deserves a chance. maybe I am not the one who deserves it most, but, atleast I tried to win.

  24. My Entry:http://i52.tinypic.com/29f5954.png
    Username: Missyong5432
    I Want to win because I love fashion.I'm a very nice and honest person.I love to enter competions and I get super happy when I win.To be honest I havn't gotten close to winning anything like this before.I want to show people that I can win competions this big.I wanna give it my all and lastly I think I would be perfect for Miss Belle Stardoll.