February 10, 2011

This weeks covergirl

This weeks covergirl is the lovely miss supa_star4real Click Here to visit her lovely suite

Whats your style? Anything that works & is pretty.

What are you must haves this season ?  My must have this season in real life is fashionable Uggs, I have a gold pair so far. But I want to get more since there is snow where I live. But my must have on stardoll is definitely the January Hot Buys shoes from Rio, I'm still looking for the perfect outfit to wear them with.

Any fashion tips? Be yourself, unique, original, different. But don't get wacky with your style, make it classy in your own person way (:
thankyou xx Abbey

Edit: and we are now having graphic for our weekly covergirls :)


  1. i dont like ur blog banner

  2. By the way Anonymous. If you have anything bad to say about this blog, don't bother, you're just wasting your time. :D