February 20, 2011

This weeks Covergirl

This weeks covergirl
This weeks covergirl is the lovely Beckyrocks51 Click Here to visit her, and here is our interview with her..

1. what is your style?
my style is unique and induvidual, i tend to wear warm colours like black,red, and pink and ussaly very not very casual, but not to dressy.

2. What is your must have this season?
hmmmmmm my must have? I guess my must have this season is a touch of lip gloss for any occasion; to going to the movies, to walking in the park, a touch of lip gloss is always in fashion!

3. And fashion tips ?
Well an important fashion tip is to always look after your skin and reguarly treat it with moistiriser or cleanser, otherwise break-outs will happen.

thanks becky xx