February 18, 2011

* Writers please read

Ok everyone seems to be posting everyone elses catorgory at the moment so please tell me what you are writing in this post so I rember this is what i know so far
vampireblobfish - suite of the week writer
boyintonpowa - free iteams
demirocks - Hotbuys writer
3mmag - Makeup
fuzzygirl - grafics
what was everyone else writing agian ??


  1. Well I'm just a graphic designer, and I'll ask you, if it's alright to show my blog on this(:

  2. Sorry, I posted even though I said I quit, but I can't post regularly. So I had an idea if I could do help judge comps.

  3. Update: Lollymollygoo i do want to write but is there any minor roles I can do, if there is just pick one for me plz! thx xx Miki

  4. yeah sure i might have a few smalls jobs i just can't think of any atm can you haha ?

  5. momijigal911 - fashion writer

  6. FashionistaT - I do looks (sometimes makeup too)

  7. ummm...how about when LE, Antidote comes out I can get pics of the real things and stuff so yeah! Can I be the Antidote, LE writer??