February 26, 2011


Hello everyone! Okay so I went to go check my mail on stardoll and I saw this message. Now you can't even be creative without paying real life money! What do I mean? Now you have to be superstar to use the new skin color feature in the Medoll Editor (beauty parlor). You can check out the new skin feature by going to Medoll Editor and clicking on the "Body" tab. I mean it's a great feature but can non-superstars get SOMETHING? We can't even use certain mouths. That's just ridiculous. This is the reason why I am not going to buy another stardoll card in my freaking life! They use you! Any paying stardoll member who hasn't realized that by now needs to realize before they completely empty your purse. But, more importantly, I want to know what you think! Leave a comment and tell me (: