March 23, 2011

Advice Time with Megan

Welcome back to Advice Time! This week, I want to talk about style and fashion.
One fact is that alot of people buy clothes and either never wear it or wear it once then shove it to the back of their wardrobe.
Now, I found out that many people don't know how to dress for their body shape so I wanted to bring it up and (of course) help!
1. The first step is to find out what shape you are. For example hour-glass, boyish, pear, apple or rectangle.

2. Then, depending on what shape you are, find out exactly what clothes look good on you and what clothes you can change to suit your shape. For example, hour-glass shapes look best in waist cinching belts.
3. After that, find out what you should avoid. For example, hour-glass shapes should avoid baggy clothing because you lose your shape.

4. Now you're all set to dress for your body shape.

I strongly recommend using fashion world, click here.
This website helps loads with your body shapes and clothing you can wear so please visit and see if it helps!
Megan x