March 14, 2011


Hayy! I'm back but not as the fashion writer.. as the advice writer! As of today I am an official little helper on Belle-Stardoll. So on Wednesdays and Saturdays, watch out for my help for you on Stardoll and feel free to ask any questions - big or small - either in my GB or add me and send a private message [preferred way] at my user Momijigal911.
I can help so much with any of your problems and questions but also help raise so issues that Stardoll portrays to the rest of the world.
With love
Megan x


  1. Omg! That's so cool! An advice writer! Cool.
    Lol XOXO

  2. An advice writer :] Good idea, i`d never thought of it, Cant wait! X)
    Cute_panda0 x