March 15, 2011

Ashamed of our bodies?

Hayy Dollies! This is such a huge issue on Stardoll and other medias across the whole world which is leading me to think - Are we ashamed of our bodies?

In lots of cases, yes. People are seeing models and other girls being so skinny and beautiful that they must be the same so that they can be loved. Modelling makes people think they are "fat" because most models are a size 0. Personally, size 0 is a pathetic size. Who would want to ruin themselves for the lable "skinny"? Skinny's not everything, you can get anorexia and health problems.
The advertisement on Stardoll also is encouraging younger girls to eat less to look as good as a virtual doll.
The first example is the body sizes. 1 being very tiny - skinny top half and quite small thighs. 2 is medium - bigger top half and thighs a partly touching. 3 is biggest - large top half and large thighs.
Is this right? I mean the skinny option (1) is a popular choice as I have seen many dolls using it so their dolls evidently look much thinner. I, however, use size 2 as it is the closest to my body shape. It's not as bad as 1 but it's not very accurate and 3 just makes you look quite slutty in certain clothes. Stardoll makes clothes for the skinnier type, clearly, but as today's growing dollie world is changing, younger girls are joining and being brought up in a models world - literally!

I should recommend to Stardoll that you should be able to control your dollie's body shape and size. This means you can get a accurate body size or the size you would want for your doll.

Remember girls, skinny is not always beautiful ...



  1. This is unessicary, you do realize an article about this was on MDM like 1-2 days ago :P

  2. This was on mdm with pictures and stuff some days ago lol :P

  3. ^^ oh sorry i never saw that, i don't really read other blogs! well it's an issue never the less so it's done now x

  4. Very true, im very skinny, a bit too skinny but i try not to, i eat like heaps but i stay skinny ;o
    Cute_panda0 x

  5. To be honest, I'm the same as Cute_panda0
    Right now my pants are size 0. But like I TRY. Yeah right. I eat and everything, but it's also in my genes to be super slim and have a high metabolism, so I actually even find (1) to be quite similar to my actual body x3

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