March 11, 2011

Classy Casual outfit/ Fashionably Let down/ Decor Craze

Classy casual outfit (outfit on the right)
Like this outfit? It's all from Killah. I love it because it's casual, but very classy at the same time. The print on the top is amazing, I just with they had more of that kind of clothing in Starplaza.

Fashionably let down
So recently in Stardoll some quite horrible clothing has been released. As you can see on the picture on the left, Stardoll could do with some nice clothes, the jacket, metalics? Seriously? The dress, terribly designed in the upper area. The pants, bright blue trousers, kay yeah, enough said bout' them. Then the shoes, I just seriously don't know what to say, their just horrible! I think Stardoll might be a bit 'fashionably challenged' at the moment. Which is leaving many Stardollians, 'fashionably let down. Before all these ugly clothes started coming out, Stardoll was going through a really good time with clothing, always realeasing stylish clothes. But I just don't know what has happened with them lately. I just hope the clothing improves. 
 Decor Craze
Lately in Stardoll I have been noticing that the decor has been absolutely fabulous. If you have read the pervious article 'Fashionably let down' you will know that Stardoll clothing hasn't been very.. nice lately. So is their a 'decor craze' going on? Is the focus on designing gorgeous decor, not gorgeous clothes? I don't know, but looking through the latest decor stores in starplaza, such as 'LE Decor', 'Evening Falls', and 'Pop Shop', I has noticed that the decor is amazingly designed, and very atractive, plus the they use some amazing moving graphics. I'm liking the decor alot, but why can't there be nice decor AND nice clothing?



  1. one man's junk is another mans treasure don't forget - the way you styled thoe outfits was a clearly ugly way but if some styled the jacket with some jeans and print top it could look nice so be careful when doing things like that because people get mixed views x

  2. But are there any nice NEW jeans or NEW printed tops in Sd starplaza at the moment (that have just come out). No.

  3. Sorry stardoll but those clothes are... not my type? I like the outfit by Holly the same reason she does!

    Chocolateecidna xx

  4. No ok so theres nothing nice new to you but im just saying to other people it could be nice. x

  5. Those spoilers in the other post are ahmazing so better things are to come..