March 3, 2011

Deep Blue Sea

Hayy! Welcome to today's fashion post.. about.. yep you guessed it! Deep Blue Sea and the wave of new fashion coming with it :L Soorry poor joke I know ;]

Well.. erm I have only seen it today so I don't know much. But you can probably tell it's going to be mostly blue or similar coloured garments on sale for that collection. I'm not convinced by it yet but as more is realised it might be better than I think. It looks a bit mermaid-ish like we had a year or so back with the ocean dresses and dolls and stuff. I seems to have alot of depth [again soorry] but it does seem quite simple. Let's see what see what Stardoll said...

How can we begin to fathom the depth of your style? This week it's your chance to dive into the Deep Blue Sea collection and show us! It's time to let the waves of fashion wash over the shores your success!

Hmm.. full of those little water jokes, eh? Well Stardoll seems to be on the same page as me for once ;] I have to say this collection looks quite mysterious but lets hope people are as successful as Stardoll say with this fashion.
I rate it 7/10 atm because I've only just heard of it so I'll have a week to change my mind and see if I do want to dive into it as Stardoll put it.
I wonder why they picked the deep blue sea... but I'm sure it'll be a hit with some people, but for me atm not my favourite.

Megan x

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