March 10, 2011

Glacial Pace

Hayyah Bloggers! This girl is back with her fashionista tips so let's start of with Glacial Pace...

Picture looks good, nice colours and the grey dress one girl is wearing looks very pretty. I'm liking the looks of things atm.. finally a possible nice collection seen as how we've had a few little trip ups recently in the FWOS (fashion world of stardoll)
They look better than some previous trends, not very spring-ish though ;[ and I was looking forward to some florals, cut outs, high waist shorts etc. But I guess it's only just got to spring so don't worry, I'm sure some gorgeous spring garments will be springing at youu soon ;]
In a way, it's still quite dark and mysterious fashion atm which is a bit of a let down as the LE decor wasn't exactly great aswell. I think Stardoll need to bring out some more floral, floaty and light clothes (yes I know it's virtual but fashion needs to be fabulous everywhere!)

Stardoll says:
The pace of change can be frantic in the world of fashion -- where seasons come and go and trends tumble one after the other -- so take a moment to glance at the glacial charms of this week's collection, in shades of ancient ice -- realized in the most immediately now of current silhouettes.
Hmm charming.. I see where they come from but this fashion is again not for me I'm afraid ;[ which is quite sad...
For this collection I rate it 6/10 - there's alot of room for improvement and as I have only seen 3 garments, surely they'll be more impressive ones in store for us.
Megan x

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