March 11, 2011

Hotbuys feather broach

This is lovely, one of the only nice new things that that has been in the starplaza. Finally something new AND nice. But it is hotbuys, and hotbuys seem to be the only ones producing nice clothing recently, but even some hotbuys aren't even that nice. Anyway, about the broach. Instead of using it as a broach, I used it in the medolls hair, since it seems like a bit of an oversized broach, hehe. But you could also use it on a belt, that should look very nice. Anyway, do you like it used as a head piece? Do you like the broach itself? Leave you opinions in comments!



  1. I looks really awesome as a headband!

    Chocolateecidna xx

  2. I wouldve never thought it as a hair piece!!

  3. I used it in my hair too because it was a rubbish hbrooch on my dolliee x