March 6, 2011

Intetveiw with Evanescencexxx

Heyy guyss I had the h\joy of interveiwing one of Stardoll's designers! Enjoy

How long have you been designing for? Since i made this account on stardoll.
Why do you like designing? Because i enjoy are and to me designing is like art on stardoll.
Have you ever won top designer? No :( i so badly do though.
If so how many times?0
Do you knoww any other good designers really well? Not really. aha.
What aree your favourite designs? I like cartoon character ones.
Which is your favourite design collection? My rose collection.
Who inspires you to design? No one really, i just do.
Who is your favourite stardoll designer? keira-v, her designs are amazing.
Who is your favourite designer? alexander mqueen.

xxx Alanaaa