March 14, 2011

LE Decor has arrived!

LE has released some furniture instead of clothing, now that was a surprise! I am not the biggest fan of these items and I was looking forward to a new collection of clothing. The prices are the usual for LE but expensive for interior. I might not be buying anything from here. I hope a new collection of LE might be released very soon!
Will you be buying anything?

xx Miki
P.S: Sorry for the late post, I was away on holidays without internet :(

UPDATE: There is only 1 item left, a gold light on the first floor, so hurry!


  1. They sold out fast! First day out had 25% gone!

  2. haha I had a chose of 2 things when i logged on on the first day :L

  3. i only bought a pillow ;[ x

  4. ^^ that was the only thing left though but it was nice x