March 3, 2011

March Hotbuys ((: + 4 things out !

Hey there (: , I'll show you the March Hotbuys and the 4 things were out , there was two from Feb but I didn't had time to review it cause of my exams coming >< :) , anyways , I'm gonna review 4 items , that is a bag , vest , dress & shoes.


Hotbusy Vest
where: Rio Girls
Stardollars: 12SD
Colour: Brown (:

Hotbuys Shoes
Where: Rio Girls
Stardollars: 8SD
Colour: Brown ((:
Click here to buy the shoes !
Hotbuys Bag
Where: Pretty in pink
Stardollars : 16SD
Colour: White-Pink with Charms

Hotbuys Dress
Where: Bisou
Stardollars: 23SD (Seriously , this is why I dont wanna buy it) x
Colour: Red , Black , Purple & white.

The March Hotbuys ! (: Hope ya'll like it !

Thanks to HotbuysAddicted for this pictures ! (: Please appreciate what I've done :3 , I worked so hard on it x) + This is a very long presentation.

Love , DemiRockz56


  1. i looovee the Pauls Boutique bag and the fringee vest x

  2. I love them all i bought the vest i can not wait till the hair flower comes out

  3. Love Love Love them!!