March 14, 2011

More fashionable items coming in! (Yay!)
Finally! There are quite a few nice pieces of clothing coming into Stardoll lately, including this beautiful Bisou one shoulder dress (picture- top left corner). I love it so much!! I would love to see what you could make of this dress so if you want to you can make a tinypic of an outfit to go with this dress and I will feature it in one of my posts! Anyway, back to Stardoll's fashion coming back on track (maybe). I have seen a few nice clothes, but then a few not so nice ones as well. I have noticed that Stardoll's new clothes have been featuring lots of blues, whites, some browns, some blacks, and grey. I would like to see more colours. What do you think? Tell in comments!
By teusa               by bella12raga

By Bimmy-mimmy
 My top three designs right now
DebiutantkASo recently I have been look through the designs, not the top designs, the ones that you rate for you play and earn. When I was I was looking for three really nice ones to post on this post. And I found them. First up, the peacock feather print dress, I love it! I love feathers, period. And this dress is just gorgeous! Next the pants, thier just simple, but I love these 'pixie pants', as I like to call them. These ones are just plane black, but I like them in plane colours, yes, anyone could design these, but I still love them! Lastly, the bag, it's got LV (meaning Louis Vuitton incase you didn't know) printed in big letters on it, I love it! I could actually wear this out in real life, on a trip to the mall or the movies with my friends, it would be prefect. It is a almost perfect casual bag that I abosolutely love! And I love the colours. So they are my top three designs for today, they are fashionable. But you have NO IDEA how many sanrio and Disney designs I had to go through to find these! You opinion on them left in comment? Yes please!
The girl on the catwalk: DebiutantkA
So today on the 14th of March, the number one girl on the cat walk was debiutantkA. I will be talking about her winning outfit. It is nice, but I think it would be nicer with some bangles, and some makeup would make it nicer. It is a nice outfit, as I have already mentioned, but it seems to be lacking some... creativity. I really do think there a many more Medolls out there with amazing outfits, who probably have nicer outfits then this. But I did not vote, and it's whatever floats your boat! I do ADORE the sweater though, I own it as well. So do you like this outfit? What would you change about it? Was my opinion on it to harsh? Or not good enough? You know what to do- just tell in comments!

So That's all I will be posting for today, so please enjoy and don't forget to comment! 


  1. I don't tend to vote people for catwalk. It's a bit annoying when amazingly fashionable people dont get any credit for their work x

  2. Those top 3 designs are ahmazing! Love em!

  3. Thank you for posting about my LV bag, even though I saw this pretty late.