March 6, 2011


Hayy! Megan here with your dose of the fashion world.

Ok so today we are talking about this nautical thing thats come into Stardoll today.
My opinion... looks horrible - too patterned and over crowded and it looks like a there's a whole load of colours thrown into it with random pictures.
I'm sick of stardoll putting out clothes that are way too overpriced then saying that the clothes are stylish and pretty.. erm no stardoll, no one likes the price or the garments- they are not my style.. don't get me started.
It's quite sailor-ish isn't it.. well some striped pieces I like but the whole full nautical look is just too much in my opinion.
Anyways i looked up "nautical" and it came up with a load of boats pics, again not my thing so I rate this 4/10
Megan x


  1. yeahh sorry about the banner it didnt work x

  2. I know! Completely agree!!