March 16, 2011

New Miss Sixty collection Reveiw

(n.n)______Fashion Writer______(n.n)
So the new Miss Sixty collection is out on Stardoll, and personally, I love most of the clothing, and there is a VERY small amount that I don't like.  It is also VERY trendy, since on trend at the moment are skinny jean cargo pants, and they are featured in this collection, and in the colour that is more fashionable. And it is featuring the 'Camper Trend', which is very in at the moment and I am loving it to bits. Then there are pieces like ones they always feature in the collections, but they are always still gorgeous anyway. And one thing that occured to me was that they seemed 'cheaper', but in reality, they actually weren't. I just thought this because of the rising prices for clothing in the starplazar lately, this was pretty weird and made me realise that prices rising, but that's another story.. So what do you think of the new collection? Tell in comments!
Extra word of advice! 
If you see something you really love in a brand like Bisou, or Pretty in Pink,
you know the ones I'm talking about, but it's over priced and not Hotbuys, 
wait, and use your stardollars so see if you can find something just as nice,
or maybe even nicer in the Starbazar for the same price. But only the 
common brands, not ones like Miss Sixty, any tribute brands, and etc.


  1. Love love love miss 60! These were so beautiful and not like anything else in the starplaza. will so buy all of them. once I'm SS again...

  2. Also I heard that they were at first all 123sd. But that was just a glitch. XOXO