March 8, 2011

Perfection Comp

Have ever wanted to be a model or even part of a exclusive stylist team?
Well here's your chance to be just that at Perfection Magazine.
Sadly, 2 member of our style council had to resign (1 left Sd) and that therefore means that we need another fashionista queen to take her place. In this job, you need to know your fashion facts and be quick to realise an amazingtrend before it comes out.
We are looking for 2 more members to join ;]

And models, we have used models before, and we know what type of girl we want and that could be you!
We have decided we need quite alot of models but thanks to our partners JordansModels and Kitty.Models we have some judges to help find those perfect girls.

All you have to do is make your favourite and fashionable-ist outfit, put it up on tinypic and post right here and the winers get the opportunity but if you don't win, you'll be on the short list so that if models can't stay, you'll be in!

And thanks to Belle-Stardoll and JordansModels, we are now in partnership!

And who knows, it could be you!






  3. ^^ both amazing ive just gotta decide with my other editors x