March 3, 2011

The Promised Picture

Here's the picture that I've been promising you...

 This is a cute non SS outfit that you can buy with your saved play and earn money!
You can get the sequined pumps in VOILE or through search.
The Basic top you can get from Bisou and search.
As for the Peacock Ermine Shrug and the ruffled skirt, you've got to find those through search.
For the Peacock shrug, search White, Jackets and Tops. Its should be on the 6th page.

And for the Ruffle Skirt, search Black and Skirts and it should be on the 2nd page!

Do you like the outfit? Please tell me in the comments!!!

xxx, Libby


  1. I love it! Not many people can put together a great non-ss outfit. I've seen so many attempts posted on blogs that are horrible.Yours is stylish ;D

  2. well donee! Itss soo good too see some good non ss outfits itll inspire me when my SS runs out x